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Ethical Living in Community

Meet with us for discussion, exploration and sharing on topics of ethics, living a life of meaning, and creating a world that is just, equitable, and sustainable.

What We Do

Like any group, we seek to engage with each other and the world around us. Here's how.


Find others who share your curiosity and commitment to ethical action. We all care about doing as much good as we can and approaching it from knowledge and careful thought. Join in our discussions and social activities!


It's nearly impossible to do the right thing without understand the consequences of both your own actions and our actions collectively. We take time to discuss and explore the ramifications of our choices and the systems we exist in.


Fortunately, most people feel a need to avoid harming others. As we dig deeper into what it means to be an ethical person, we will find ourselves wanting to make a difference in the world around us to undo the damage we now understand.

Join Us!

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